Advising and creating content is something i love to do. In my current role within Seamore is in creativity, finding communication solutions and customer focus. I am always looking for improvements that help the target groups.

Love to be busy with creativity, communication solutions and customer focus

Making others excited by bringing a story.

Making others exciting by bringing a story. In the role of content specialist I can find my passion. Through my enthusiasm and curiosity I’m always looking for improvements. What I can use fore create or tweak content and create beautiful concepts. I like to find the balance between content, design, text and visuals. I’m able to work energetically in a team and also work independently.

I am full with ambition and however i might not have the most experience, I’m sure that I can add value to you company or business. It’s fantastic to me to create content. This in a way that consumers know what’s happening in your world: often more thank you think.

Show what’s happening in your business: often more than you think

Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator).


Developing (content)marketing materials


Organising trade shows


Creative side of digital communication, marketing & advertising.


Google Analytics & AdWords


Online communication (social media & wordpress)


Creating visual concepts


Strong communication skills in both Dutch and English

A good feeling of design and knowledge of image editing

Review (new) content and customize and tweak it

Write content, planning and responsible for the final editing

Keeping content up to date & ensuring quality, uniformity,
shape and consistency



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